Hello, I'm Nerrix!

With years of experience I offer custom-built cutting-edge deveopment solutions,
specialized but not limited to Chatbots (e.g. Discord, Telegram),
Payment Solutions (e.g. Stripe, PayPal), Websites, Dashboards and much more.
Don't hesitate to get in touch with me.

Cutting-Edge solutions

• You want a highly customized Chatbot doing something uncommon? Let's start!

• You want a Web-Dashboard with Oauth2-Login? You're welcome.

• I'll acomplish most projects concerning Payment solutions, Chatbots, Websites, and much more.

Personal exchange

• We talk via Chat (e.g. Discord). There are no office times, I work whenever I can.

• Let's face inquiries, questions and challenges directly as you would chat with a friend.

• There are no contracts with weird paragraphs. You'll get what you pay for and the price will be fair.

Open for big but committed to deliver

• When we agree something, I'm committed to deliver. I deliver in time and with quality.

• You won't have to pay (except a small percentage upfront) until you're 100% statisfied.

• I'm open to start & participate in projects! Let me know if you have a great idea!


• I have years of experience in development using several languages, while I favourise Python.

• While I don't want to list my customers publicly for reasons, I'm ready to show past work if you want.

• I'm also ready to consult regarding IT-Security, manage production and work on running systems.


DM me on Twitter DM me on Discord Drop me an Email